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The Advantages of Domestic Freight Services in Streamlining Local Economies - Follow 2001 Kft. | Belföldi szállítmányozás és Áruszállítás

Domestic freight services are vital to a thriving economy, facilitating the efficient movement of goods from production sites to consumers. The benefits include flexibility, speed, cost-effectiveness, and support for the local economy.

Flexibility: Domestic shipping allows businesses to swiftly adapt to market changes, offering customizable and scalable transport solutions.

Speed: Local logistics can be faster than international shipping due to fewer logistical barriers.

Cost-Effectiveness: Shorter distances and efficient logistical systems can lead to reduced costs.

Local Economy Support: Domestic freight services bolster local businesses and create jobs, contributing to a country’s economic stability and growth.

The range of services is vast, from emergency deliveries to precision equipment transport, storage solutions, and specialized handling, all contributing to the economic vitality and expansion of a nation.

Follow 2001 Kft. is a Hungarian logistics company that specializes in domestic freight and cargo transportation. They offer a wide range of services, including:

  • Lift-Gate Cargo Transportation: Transporting palletized goods ranging from 100kg to 22 tons using tarpaulin trucks with lift gates​1​.
  • Emergency Box Truck Assistance: Providing flexible and rapid solutions for overlooked boxes or pallets with their fleet of small box trucks​1​.
  • High-Value Equipment Transport: Delivering high-value, precision-required equipment like medical devices, supported by appropriate insurance​1​.
  • Storage Services: Offering both transit and long-term rental storage on their premises, with covered and open storage areas, combined with cargo handling according to client needs​1​.
  • Cargo Handling/Transshipment: Performing transshipment from truck to truck and handling cargo at their site​1​.
  • Mobile Loading with Forklifts: Providing forklift loading services at the client’s site or other external locations upon request​1​.
  • Consignment Sales and Cash Handling: Tailoring customer service and cash handling to specific needs​2​.
  • Management of Domestic and International Groupage Traffic: Their warehouse is suitable for handling groupage traffic from start to finish​2​.
  • Distribution of Industrial and Household Gases: Exchanging industrial and food-grade gases distributed by Linde Gáz Magyarország Zrt., as well as household propane-butane and forklift gases, with the option of home delivery​3​.

Their pricing structure is based on the weight capacity and the type of vehicle used, with different rates for their fleet that includes tarpaulin trucks with and without lift gates​1​.

They confirm undertaking services such as the transport of palletized goods, including construction materials and high-value machinery, offering same-day delivery within Budapest, and storage if immediate transport is not necessary​1​. However, they do not offer services like moving households, transporting construction waste, furniture, scattering materials like sand or gravel, vehicle transport, firewood, live animals, small quantities of goods, or traditional “door-to-door” delivery​1​.

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